Meet Eve

Welcome to my Bio page.

Here’s something brief about me —

I come from New York but have lived abroad a lo-ooong time.

Now I’m resettled in Florida—and I must say—it’s wonderful not to have to deal with nasty weather anymore…well…unless you consider little things like a hurricane or two during the rainy season, well, nasty—LOL.

All my life I loved stories–fairytales.  I was raised on mythology.  These stories struck a chord in me, opening up whole new worlds and possibilities…I was the girl in class, all the way in the back, who you’d find gazing out the window…imagining…dreaming…creating and embellishing stories.

I love the sound of waves, searching for that perfect shell; I spend hours and hours on the beach…and I love writing—the characters in my head won’t have it any other way!  So let me get back to it so I can share my stories with you!

Do come back soon:-)
xxx Eve