Salutations! Welcome to my place on the web.

We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.

I’m so happy you stopped by. I hope you will find your visit here a true escape from your everyday life. Please, help yourself to a horn of freshly brewed mead with a honey cake…or perhaps you’d prefer a taste of merwine, pressed from the finest seagrapes and a slice of merberry tart…?

Whatever your pleasure, you will find it here.

The worlds I write about are full of magic, enchantment, beautiful heroines and the proud and fearless princes you dream of. These worlds are usually set in the past–far away from today’s technology-cursed, fast-paced life-style where almost everything can be accomplished with the touch of a button..

In my stories, men live in raw times, by the sword, their oaths inextricably bound to their honor, where it is considered a man’s natural right to protect what is his. Where a woman is left in no doubt that she is protected and cherished by the man of her dreams.

Some of my stories are historical romances, most are fantasy/paranormal. I can’t resist writing the adult faerytale! Being transported to a far away place or time is more riveting…to read of a Norman baron on his mighty destrier charging into a melee with his trusted knights at his side defending his newly erected stronghold on the Cornish coast…or…of a merman warrior who seduces a mysterious beauty on a moonlit beach only to find out afterwards that she is an evil siren who places a curse on him to spend the rest of his days imprisoned in a bottle out at sea until the day that only his true love can lift the curse and free him…The now seems so, well, real and boring.

I invite you to contact me if you can prove me wrong.

Again, thank you for coming by. I hope you’ll find something here that sparks your interest and keeps you coming back for more and more…Cheers!

Eve Sanders